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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Selective views of history

Claire Carsman writes on Atomic bombings, without checking her history book, August 9, 2005
Japan and Italy made unfortunate alliances with Germany. But Germany had been storing up and rehearsing its military forces since the Spanish Civil War. We should have been angry at the Nazis long before. Why weren't we? Instead of saving people from the Nazi regime, we chose to give them full reign. What did we watch for, and why did we wait?

Did we drop the atomic bomb on two cities, decimate innocent people living their lives, because we were angry at the Japanese?

Will the United States have to be remembered for having blood up to it's elbows?
Ms Carsman, get out your history book, and look up December 7th, 1941. You will find Japan attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor. We now know what our military leaders knew, from secert messages our code breakers could read. Japan’s military was not going to surrender, they had pledged to fight to the end, which would have killed many more that the two atom bombs, many US services men.

Do not forget, the American people rebuilt Japan.

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