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Thursday, August 18, 2005

More on the Little Blue Pamphlet

Becky Trout writes "Former DA blasts Crestview interchange," August 17, 2005
At first, it was mysterious — a little blue pamphlet that popped up in mailboxes, appeared at public meetings.

“Your public money going to private interests,” it exclaimed. “Taking homes by eminent domain for private projects, using public money needed for existing problems to make it easier for developers to profit at taxpayer expense.”

The issue? The Crestview Drive interchange — a $55 million link-up with Highway 49 proposed south of Grass Valley. The freeway-style crossing is proposed to handle traffic from potential developments such as SouthHill Village and North Star, which together include about 2,500 homes.
When I received my copy of the “little blue pamphlet” I was a bit suprized to find our former DA was defending private property right. He had been a major critic of Measure D, designed to protect Nevada County property owners from government takings in the 2000 election. Humm. . . was my response

The “little blue pamphlet” also appeared to benefit the Phil Carvel’s Loma Rica development, since it promoted the Dorsey Drive interchange, over the interchanges needed to make the North Star and SouthHill developments viable. Again my response was hummm. . . . Then I wondered, could Mr. Carvel have hired the former DA to write and publish the “little blue pamphlet?” Who paid for the printing? Who paid for the mailing. Did the former DA take it out of his own pocket, if so why? Does he feel that strongly?

Do you have any answers?

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Blogger steve frisch said...

I don't know.

Who is paying you?

If the only thing one has to do to be questioned about their motives is publish an opinion that appears to favor someone else, then clearly we should all be asking who does your opionion favor?

Are you on the take?

Are you being funded by someone?

No allegations here....nor implication of guilt wihtout a lick of evidence.....I am just asking a question.

Why can't Harold just have an opinion he is willing to spend time and money on...kind of like you?

Fri Aug 19, 12:05:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Russ Steele said...


Your right, I could be paid do write this blog. And, you have every right to question my motives. For the recored, this is my own effort, I am mot rich enought to do a mass printing and mailing, so I blog on the issues, which is free except for my time. I hope someone could help set the record straight. I am still looking for some information to quell my curiosity.

Fri Aug 19, 08:16:00 AM PDT  

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