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Thursday, August 04, 2005

More homeless for Nevada County?

Becky Trout writes about the homless survey, "Count:162 lack homes," Survey to assist plans for homeless shelter in county, August 4, 2005

Are we sure this is what we want to do, set up attractions for outside homeless? Look at cities that had lenient homeless policies, and set up shelters and feeding stations. These cities were flooded with homeless from outside the city.
Six religious communities have signed up to host the homeless, but at least six more are needed, Robinson said.

In addition, the organizers need a space - preferably a house but at least an office space - they could rent and use as a receiving center, where those needing shelter could show up each evening, be screened for drugs and alcohol, and checked in. They would then be bused to the churches, Robinson said.

Hospitality House volunteers are hoping to raise $100,000 to hire two managers to operate the roving shelter.
A blog reader writes:
On "Count: 162 lack homes". Here did they find these 162 without shelter? What do they mean "without shelter"? Is that during the daylight hours or just for the day until they go to one of the places they normally flop? How many more potential shelter-less will we create after we establish this roving shelter and vagrants from the valley find out they can hang in the foothills during the day instead of the city? If I were a nomad in the valley and I could reside in the cooler cleaner environment knowing that the residents were concerned about my welfare I think I would be roaming up the hill easterly myself.
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