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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

GW Update: MORE on correlation is not causation

The McCain/Clinton Surreal View of Global Warming
Well, of course, "something's going on," but the important questions are What? and Why? McCain and Clinton say that the what is unprecedented global warming and that the why is because of anthropogenic CO2 emissions from the burning of fossil fuels. To our way of thinking, however, real-world data far outrank anecdotes and stories when it comes to answering these key questions; and when the former are employed, some vastly different answers are obtained.
CO2 Science points to the scientific facts.

Artic temperature actually cooled when CO2 concentation increases were highest.

During the twenty years of highest artic temperture increase, 1917 to 1939, CO2 only rose 8-ppm

Between 1920 and 1930, when the atmosphere's CO2 concentration rose by a mere 3 to 4 ppm, there was a phenomenal warming at all five coastal locations for which contemporary temperature records are available in Greenland, the increase was 2-4 degrees C.

Please read the whole analysis (here) to understand how the native stories do not match up with the real science, there is little correlation between CO2 and artic temperture changes.

Keith Sherwood and Craig Idso who operate CO2 Science note:
Interestingly, these observations lead us to actually agree with some of Senator Clinton's statements on the subject, such as "I don't think there is any doubt left for anyone who actually looks at the science," which she was quoted by Joling as saying, as well as "the science is overwhelming." Unfortunately, what she and Senator McCain call science is something radically different from what we call science. Also, we find we agree with Clinton when she says that some people "just keep saying something no matter how untrue and unfactual it might be, over and over and over again, and try to drive the politics to meet [their] ideological or commercial agenda." However, we feel that this astute observation better fits her and Senator McCain than the people to whom she directs it. Surely you must too, if you put more credence in real-world data than in anecdotes and stories.

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Blogger Frederic Christie said...

Yes. Anecdotes are more reliable than real world data. Except that statistics and observations are available in spades on all sides. Here are numerous graphs and multiple independent sources of evidence:

In particular, this is the evidence they cite:

Graph of Historical Trend of Warming Temperatures
Carbon Dioxide Increasing in Atmosphere
Methane Also Increasing
More Frequent Extreme Weather
Disappearing Glaciers
Melting Arctic Sea Ice
Melting Antarctic Sea Ice
Greenland's Ice Sheet Melting
Tropical Diseases Spreading
Oceans Warming With Coral Bleaching & Disintegration

I would also add increased mortality among heat-sensitive creatures. Photographic evidence proves drastically to the human eye what the models show: glaciers are melting in unprecedented ways.

Yes, arctic temperature can cool thanks to Gulfstream effects (another catastrophic global warming impact), but this is actually not a positive thing.

In any respect, arctic temperature changes may or may not have anything to do with melting ice packs, which is the real question, and the verified question.

Thu Aug 25, 05:29:00 PM PDT  

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