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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Global Warming Update: More junk science revealed

Another opportunity to learn about the missinformation being promoted by the UN IPCC on the impact of global warming, by Professor Paul Reiter, Institut Pasteur; Paris

The natural history of mosquito-borne diseases is complex, and the interplay of climate, ecology, mosquito biology, and many other factors defies simplistic analysis. The recent resurgence of many of these diseases is a major cause for concern, but it is facile to attribute this resurgence to climate change, or to use models based on temperature to "predict" future prevalence. In my opinion, the IPCC has done a disservice to society by relying on "experts" who have little or no knowledge of the subject, and allowing them to make authoritative pronouncements that are not based on sound science. In truth, the principal determinants of transmission of malaria and many other mosquito-borne diseases are politics, economics and human activities. A creative and organized application of resources is urgently required to control these diseases, regardless of future climate change.
Full report here. Emphasis added.

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Blogger Frederic Christie said...

Notice how Paul Reiter does not deny that climate change IN CONJUNCTION WITH OTHER FACTORS, factors that anti-global warming advocates very much discuss (including economy, climate, etc.; the amount of flu in the world is simply inexcusable, for example) will alter the rate of tropical diseases, which have been changing far more than the other variables would anticipate. He simply says that saying that climate alone will predict future prevalance of disease and that a resurgence of tropical disease is due only to global warming is facile, which is undoubtedly true, but I have a strange feeling this is a strawman. He also indicates that
resources will be needed to combat malaria. Who will that be, Russ? Most of the time, the UN and other international organizations that the imperial system decries and attacks.

From "A recent study by New Zealand doctors, researchers at the Wellington School of Medicine's public health department said outbreaks of dengue fever in South Pacific islands are directly related to global warming. [9] Global warming is projected to significantly increase the range conducive to the transmission of both dengue and yellow fevers. [10] Back to Top of Page"

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