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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Global Warming Update: Katrina political exploitation

This is an update to the Republicans caused Katrina post below?

James K. Glassman on Katrina and Disgusting Exploitation, here.

Patrick J. Michaels on Global Warming Blows—Or Does It? There's no shame in good hurricane science, here

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Blogger Sherry said...

Watching the mess on the Gulf Coast you have to wonder what the FEMA people do all day long, besides count each other's toes? We saw a TV show about six-eight months ago about the kind of peril New Orleans is in, because it's below sea level. The program talked about what could happen if a big storm hit. They talked about the kind of preparations
that were needed, looks like no one at FEMA watched that show.

What boggles our minds is that the city officials knew the storm was coming, and that it was HUGE. They *issued* a mandatory evacuation order, but did nothing to help the elderly, infirm, poor, etc. get out of the city. They even left the desperately ill in hospitals, when they
could have evacuated the sickest.
They literally abandoned anyone who couldn't fend for themselves. If you had the money and strength to get out alone you were fine, if not....

A friend has a cousin and family in Slidell. Slidell is evidently gone. Maybe that's where FEMA went.

Let's see---is that BUSH BASHING? Who WILL come to FEMA'S rescue. (Is it not odd, EVEN FOR THE LIBERAL MEDIA, that THERE IS NO MENTION ON THEM?)

Thu Sep 01, 05:37:00 PM PDT  
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