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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Winning or losing, depends on who you read

Michael Schwalm sees a "Changing war rationale," July 23, 2005

Mr. Schwalm is an angry man who spends too much time reading the main stream media, he should spend a little more time reading the blogs. We are winning in Iraq.
The first "happy face" Bush used to justify his invasion has now fallen apart as a pack of lies (WMD and Saddam's ties to alQaeda).
What if Saddam had WMDs and we did nothing? Would the bombers in London this week have has access to WMD, rather than have to make their own explosives in a bathtub?
The second "happy face" he put up was that he was going to spread Jeffersonian democracy all over the Middle East. This "happy face" sounds great in his speeches but is falling apart when checked against the reality on the ground.
If you only read the Main Stream Media, Iraq is falling apart. But, the troops and Iraqis see a different view, not often reported in the press. One example from Power Line See Update below
“Tens of thousands of Iraqis stood silent for three minutes in over 130 Fahrenheit heat to commemorate victims of terror and in a sign of unified defiance of terrorism and I have not seen a single report on this. I waited all day Wednesday and all day today and nothing."
We hear little about the Iraq constitution in the MSM, you have to read the blogs to get the news. (Here) and (here.)
Bush has now come up with a third "happy face" for his true believers called the "flypaper defense." The preposterous idea is that the 150,000 America troops in Iraq will act as "flypaper" attracting all the Islamic terrorists he has created so that they will not show up here.
Austin Bay a military blogger in the Weekly Standard. He was talking to Gen. Abizaid on a recent trip to Iraq.
"The mood of how this war is going in Baghdad and Arab capitals is better than in Washington and London," Abizaid said. Déjà vu all over again, though with dust this time, and no roll: It's the conversation with the naval officer.

Why? I asked. Why is that? Why the rank negativism? We were standing under a camou net, waiting for the Iraqi police brigadier now charged with directing Iraqi security operations in Falluja. Abizaid had taken off his helmet, and passed it to one of his aides. "Here's how I answer that. The Arabs see the Iraqis taking control of their own lives. And I see that. I see that every day. The fact is you have Iraqi leaders and soldiers who go out and face it [the insurgency] every day. The Iraqis have been fighting and dying at a rate three to four times greater than ours, so I wouldn't sell them short."
Read the whole article (here.)
When they do, I suppose his fourth "happy face" will be the "domino theory."
President Bush has always said this war on terror would be a long one. Iraq is only one front on the war. We need to pay attention to the home front, where the MSM is erroding our will to succeed.

UPDATE: From a link on the Instapundit:
I'VE [Glenn Renolds] PUBLISHED EMAILS FROM 1ST LT DAVID LUCAS before, but now he's got an oped in the News-Sentinel that's worth reading. Excerpt:

"Let's support our troops. Bring them home." Please don't ever say those words again. Nothing is so disheartening to our troops who are in harm's way than to hear our own citizens say things like that.

I know that the war my men and I fought is a totally different war than the one I see being reported by almost the entire media. There are a few exceptions to this, but they are generally overwhelmed by the massive anti-war/anti-Bush crowd. . . .

I will wrap this up by saying that you are entitled to your beliefs, and you should believe in whatever you want, but don't pretend to know what you are talking about just because you have watched 30 minutes of CNN the night before. Go and talk to the people who have been there — not the people who make assumptions from a TV studio — and then form your opinion based on facts. [Emphsis added by Russ]

Don't pretend to support troops by trying to undercut their efforts at the same time. Just go to bed at night and pray for their safety and thank God that they are there to protect you and your family, no matter your beliefs.

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