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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Turn up the heat on job creation

Jim Hurley writes about "Heat and housing," July 27, 2005
But I'm sure the Grass Valley City Council will not succumb to the heat. I'm sure they will look for job growth in areas where wages are commensurate with housing costs rather than increase the burden on affordable housing with the high proportion of low-income jobs expected from reopening the Idaho-Maryland Mine.
At last nights Grass Valley City Council meeting the Idaho-Maryland management team said they already have multiple application from highly qualified people who already live in Nevada County, but are now commuting to jobs outside. One commuter spoke in support of the mine, wishing to live and work in the same community. So far most of the 25 people hired are locals. The mine managers stated they plan to hire most of the 400 person work force local.

One of the biggest needs in the County is entry level jobs for our young people, who are not college bound. The mine and ceramic manufacturing plant will have some of those jobs. More importantly, the 400 core jobs, will generate multiple support jobs in the community somewhere in the range of 1,200 to 2,800 more jobs. With more jobs local, we will have fewer commuters to the valley for work and shopping.

I say turn up the heat on the City Council to keep mine permit and approval process moving.

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