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Friday, July 29, 2005

Stopping in place does not fix existing problem

David A. Price is concerned in "Here we go",July 29, 2005
The city of Grass Valley has consistently run 200 percent to 300 percent over budget on nearly all of its projects. Where's the accountability?
Where are your facts sir? Which projects are you referring, and how many have resulted in over runs? A sample of one is not a trend.
News flash: the state has no money! If and when they get some (probably in the form of a new tax), what makes you think they will give it to a project that they know will go over budget by 200 percent?
You are right, the state has no money. Nineteen other Counties in California have transportation sales taxes and are not dependent on state handouts. We can take responsibility, for our traffic situation or we can sit and fume. I recommend taking a responsible route. As a tourist destination, visitors help pay for local road improvements.
The only way to get a handle on this traffic problem is to stop all city annexations and new building in the entire county. Contractors will still be busy doing repair and remodel jobs; of course, they will cry like babies about it but the work is here.
The construction industry makes up 17 percent of our local economy according to a recent study. Do you think local business would like to take a 15 percent cut in business, assuming that repair and modification produces just 2 percent.

Patti Ingram is a true leader, she is willing to be proactive and fix the problem. Stopping all development cannot will not fix an existing problem.

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