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Monday, July 04, 2005

Special election math problems

Jim Groom has some math problems in "Election is a waste," July 4, 2005
Glad to hear that Tony Gilchrease (NCRP) believes in spending 210K of our money for a special election that the majority of Californians do not want. A portion (2 percent) of that money is mine, and I want it spent intelligently on the needs of my fellow citizens of Nevada County.
First off the official cost of the election is about $44.6 million, not $80 million from which the $210,000 was derived, details (here).

Now for the math problem. Two percent of $210,000 is $4,200. We have 65,612 registered voters in the County. If the cost to each voter is $4,200, then the cost of the election would be $275,570,400. If I divide the number of registered voters into $210,000, I get a cost per registered voter of $3.20, using the $210,000 figure provide by Mr. Groom. This is about 0.00152 percent, not 2.0 percent.

UPDATE: A reader suggests the real percentage is: " 1 / 65612 = 1.52E-5 or .00152%"

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