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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Some answers to Crestview Interchange questions

Edith Lufkin is looking for "Unanswered questions," based on bad assumptions, July 28, 2005
. . .that this interchange is really just pork for the developers of North Star and South Hill, that the taxpayers of Nevada County will get stuck with the $50-plus million tab, that existing traffic needs and problems (like the Dorsey interchange) deserve priority.


If taxpayers are going to put up $50 million for highway "improvements," they deserve real answers to real questions.
The Dorsey Drive Intersection is still the top priority of the transportation planning community. Just look at the program funding plans, Crestview is not in these documents.

The purpose of the meeting Ms. Lufkin attended was to inform the public about how the intersection location was determined, should developers decide to build it. The presenters were contractors working for the Transportation Commission. The Commission was requested in 2004 by the City of Grass Valley, to coordinate the activities of the developers, Caltrans and City Planners. This meeting was to keep the public informed on the planning process.

The meeting was hijacked by the audience who demanded answers to their Crestview questions. Gerard Tassone, the Grass Valley Mayor, stepped up to answer questions without preparation. A brave man in my estimation to face this hostile audience for two hours.

Looking at transportation planning documents for the next twenty years, there is no taxpayer funding for Crestview. Crestview is a development driven requirement, and if it is ever built, it will be funded by the developers, not local tax payers. However, it was the job of transportation planners to pick the location, not the developers.

This letter is just one more lame attempt by the no-growth crowd to get readers all fired up by creating a nexus between the Crestview Interchange and their wallets. A nexus that does not exist!

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