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Monday, July 25, 2005

Second CCAT reply to questions

Ingrid Cattano, of CCAT answered the questions posed in Large Scary Number.

I will post her comments as she wrote them in red and my answers below in black. To keep my comments from getting too long, I will answer each question in a separate post.

2) Why is opening the Idaho-Maryland mine considered in these traffic numbers?
CCAT Response: The Mine's traffic report, page 3, states there will be 1,190 vehicle trips per day of which 256 “will be made by large trucks”. The mine will significantly increase vehicular traffic on the streets of Grass Valley and Hwy 20/49.
Let us look at the number in more detail. Total employment, is estimated at 400. That makes ups 800 of the 1,190 trips, 400 employees going to and from work. All workers will travel a specific path from their home to place of employment. This could be 400 employees from any company, or a collection of companies, as Grass Valley remains the regions commerce center. Yes, as businesses expand in Grass Valley, truck traffic will increase as they deliver supplies and haul products to market over Hwy 20/49, both which are scheduled to be improved. The schedule of improvement will depend on the availability of state highway funds, which will depend in part on robust growth in the state’s economy.

“The Mine” will become a vital part of Grass Valley’s economy as more and more local manufacturing goes off shore. The mine employment is not going off shore. It is going to stay right here in Grass Valley, producing 400 well paying jobs. In the most part, replacing jobs and related traffic that will go off shore in the next five years.

Lumping the mine traffic with the large scary number is just short sighted.

UPDATE: Bob reminded me that those 400 jobs create an additional 1200 support jobs in the community. Jobs that are not going to Nevada, Arizona, or Oregon. The mine is in Grass Valley, and those 1600 jobs are anchored here.

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