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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Really late to the story

Ron Lowe, "Wink and a nod?" July 20, 2005

It looks like this letter was written weeks ago, or Mr. Lowe does not follow the news.
Who in the Bush administration leaked a CIA agent's name to columnist Robert Novak? We now know, we always knew, it was President Bush's sidekick Karl Rove. What kind of punisment will be meted out by the Republican establishment for what could be called a treasonous act or at best a hijinks gone bad.
An update the the Rowe/Plame story (here):
The person, who works in the legal profession and spoke only on condition of anonymity because of grand jury secrecy, told The Associated Press that Rove testified last year that he remembers specifically being told by columnist Robert Novak that Valerie Plame, the wife of a harsh Iraq war critic, worked for the CIA.
President Bush made is very clear, he will fire anyone who broke the law. It is not clear that Rowe broke any laws by discussing information provided by Novak. See my other posts on this issue (here) and (here.)

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