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Friday, July 22, 2005

Planning Created Rosville Development

Letters to the editor on sprawl continue make reference to Roseville style developments along I-80 and SR-65 as something to be avoided. These letter writer should know that this is where the Placer County voters decided they wanted development to take place, on the marginal range land that is too rocky to support agriculture.

Citizen developed a plan called Placer County Legacy (details here), which designated areas to be preserved, habitat to be protected, and land available for development. Our attempt to do that was NH2020. Unfortunately this process got hijacked by the Board of Supervisors, who were more interested in preservation, than a balanced plan that would allow for the modest growth needed for economic development, affordable housing, and the creation of local job. Job that could reduce the need for commuters to seek jobs in Roseville. Jobs Placer County was creating through effective planning. More local job would also reduce the number of commuter who were shopped in Roseville, at lunch and after work.

According to Larry Burkhardt, local sales tax leakage to the valley Counties is over $100,000 a year. This is up from $60,000 in 2000. More local jobs produce more local tax revenue. Look at Placer County’s successes in land use planning and economic development, then ask, why can’t we do the same in Nevada County? With good planning we can maintain our quality of life and have economically viable development.

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