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Saturday, July 30, 2005

More facts lost in traffic, hidden by air pollution

Gary Pesselt is worried about "Traffic and pollution," but he is on the wrong road to the facts, July 30, 2005
If this week was the worst air quality, just wait until the Northstar and South Hill projects get approved, much against the majority's wishes. Northstar will have 2,100 new houses, which means at least 4,000 more vehicles around town daily.
Look at the charts dude. Grass Valley’s bad air peaks between 8 to 9 pm, in the evening. Not during the commute to, or home from, work in Grass Valley. The bad air is blowing in from the valley and the bay area. The air flow is up hill, from west to east. This is flow is recognized by the EPA and CARB. Check with the regional air quality board and the Transportation Commission for details.

Mr Pesselt is spending too much time at the Friday market misinformation booths, he should spend more time doing some real research before writing letters.

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