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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Lords fuel climate change row with blow to Kyoto.

The House of Lords has some bad news (here) for Tony Blair on the eve of the G-8 summit.
A cross-party [British] House of Lords report today finds that the Kyoto targets will make "little difference" to the pace of global warming and has called for Gordon Brown, the Chancellor, to calculate how much it is costing Britain.
The committee expressed sympathy with the United States, whose Senate voted unanimously against any climate-change treaty that could damage the economy without imposing conditions on developing countries.
Instead of trying to coerce the US president, George Bush, into signing up to the Kyoto Protocol, the UK should abandon the treaty and explore alternatives based on agreements over carbon-free technology.
The Lords want to know how much Kyoto is going to cost the consumer and the economy, and so should we, since our Governor is so set on implementation without letting us know what all this junkscience is going to costs us.

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