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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Liberal mind set ignores obvious facts

Ron Lowe wants to know "Who is John Roberts?", July 30, 2005
The American public is in the dark about Supreme Court nominee John Roberts - secrecy surrounds his past. What we know about Mr. Roberts so far is that the Bush administration is doing everything in its power to hide pertinent information about him.
Really? A Google search for John G. Roberts Jr, produced 3.7 million records. The White House delivered 75,000 pages of documents to the Senate Committee, all in the public domain. I guess, Mr Lowe and the Senate Democrats all have the same problem, liberal induced ignorance of the facts.

Those with an open mind know who Judge John Roberts is, and welcome his addition to the Supreme Court.

UPDATE: John Roberts other papers (here.) (Thanks to Instapundit for tip)

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