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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Letter writer gets off topic

David Unterman is off this wall in "Column on target," July 16, 2005
Mr. Ackerman stays on topic better than I do - I can't forget the worldwide protests and warnings before the invasion, trashing the Geneva conventions, bending the truth about weapons of mass destruction, Afghanistan out of control, the U.S supplying Saddam with nerve gas in the 80's ...
Perhaps Mr. Unterman forgot that many of those protesting the war in Germany, France and Russia were on Saddams payroll. The US appeals court agreed with President George W. Bush that members of al-Qaeda were not protected by the Geneva conventions. Enemy combatants are stateless and they did not sign the Geneva Conventions. There is no evidence that Afghanistan is “out of control,” or that the US supplied Saddam nerve gas in the 80s. Perhaps Mr. Unterman can share his evidence in a follow up letter?

Mr. Unterman should have taken his own advice and stayed on topic, praising Mr. Ackerman.

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