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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Large scary number

Large numbers have a distinct appeal to the no-growthers in our community, whither it is total build out or traffic congestion. Surveying the Grass Valley Friday Market scene, I come across the Concerned Citizen about Traffic booth and map display. As I Studied the map, showing the projected daily trips generated by the four proposed annexations, and the Idaho-Maryland mine reopening, a tall gentleman wearing a CCAT T-shirt approached. “Scary number” he said, pointing to 46,000+ new daily trips. “Not if it takes 50 years,” I said. My CCAT tour guide went on to explain, that all the annexations and the mine have submitted their paper work, and they will all soon create massive traffic congestion. “Any questions,” he asks.

I have multiple questions:

1) What City Council is going to approve all four annexations in the near term, when they are phased in the General Plan?

2) Why is opening the Idaho-Maryland mine considered in these traffic numbers?

3) Is CCAT trying to scare citizen’s into opposing the mine, or do they have another agenda?

4) As noted before, why does CCAT web site seem to favor the Loma Rica development over the others?

5) When showing failing intersections, why does CCAT ignore the fixes that are in the works, through the Regional Mitigation Fee program?

This whole display is designed to scare, not inform citizens. Sad!

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