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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Has anyone noticed?

The smart growth crowd is attacking the Crestview interchange with letters and Other Voices in The Union and editorials on, while promoting the Dorsey Drive interchange as #1 priority. When discussing runaway growth, they never mention the Loma Rica development directly, only passing references to the Big 4 annexations. They never mention that the Dorsey Drive interchange will enable the Loma Rica development to move forward.

From the Grass Valley Neighbors web site:
Build the Dorsey interchange now
The Dorsey Drive/Highway 49 interchange has been planned for almost two decades. It is desperately needed to solve existing traffic problems. And yet the city, the Nevada County Transportation Commission, and the South Hill and Northstar developers are considering a new interchange south of Grass Valley to handle hypothetical traffic from proposed developments that should be rejected out of hand. Tell city officials that the Dorsey interchange should be the city's #1 transportation priority.
The Dorsey Drive interchange is in the regional transportation plan and is being funded by the regional development fee program, and by state transportation funds. As we all know, state highway funds have been with held back for years, and could be in the future. Unless the community takes action to create other sources of transportation funds, that are under local control, Dorsey Drive may never become a reality any time soon.

The Crestview Interchange is all development driven, it is not in the regional transportation plan, or currently eligible for state funds. However, if the Crestview interchange were to be funded and built by the developers, enabling Southhill and Northstar to move forward, it would provide adequate growth space for 20 years or more, moving any future Loma Rica annexation far far into the future.

Given that Grass Valley Neighbors have not attacked the Loma Rica development as being to far from down town Grass Valley, as promoting runaway growth, it makes me wonder? What is the relationship between the Grass Valley Neighbors organization and Loma Rica developer, Phil Carvel? Are there any financial connections? Social connections? Just wondering why Loma Rica gets a pass from Grass Valley Neighbors. Any ideas?

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Blogger GV resident said...

Oh, I have noticed and have made complaints, but they are ignored, these people see greenbacks and nothing else.

Sun Feb 19, 10:30:00 AM PST  

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