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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Forth CCAT responce to questions

Ingrid Cattano, of CCAT answered the questions posed in Large Scary Number.

As noted in previous posts, I will put her comments as she wrote them in red and my answers below in black. To keep my comments form getting too long, I am answering each question in a separate post.

4) As noted before, why does CCAT web site seem to favor the Loma Rica development over the others?
CCAT Response: It is unclear what the author means by “As noted before”, but there are no comments for or against any of the developments on CCAT’s website, except to point out that the increased traffic from the four SDAs as proposed will create a major problem to the community.
Ingrid maybe right. I can no longer find the paragraph that generated my original concern. There are two possible explanations. The CCAT web site was updated, or I confused it with the Grass Valley Neighbors web site which comes up first when doing a Google search. It looks like I made a mistake and apologize to CCAT for my error.

When searching for the appropiate paragraph I cam across this highlighted feature on the CCAT web site Front Page and Bulletin Board :

Be Sure to catch Harold Berliner's Article: Don't let your taxes pay for private developments

This article attacks the Crestview Intersection and the developments which it supports. It is a one sided argument which attacks Crestview and South Hill developments and promotes the development of the Dorsey Drive Interchange, which will make Loma Rica development possible.

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