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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Fifth CCAT Responce to questions

Ingrid Cattano from CCAT answered the questions posed in my Large Scary Number post.

I will post her comments as she wrote them in red and my answers below in black. To keep my comments form getting too long, I am answering each question in a separate post.

5) When showing failing intersections, why does CCAT ignore the fixes that are in the works, through the Regional Mitigation Fee program?

CCAT Response: There are very few fixes that have specific dates and funding. . . .

A transportation Capital Improvement Plan in place with cost estimates and projected improvements expected once they are in place. Western Nevada County has mitigation fee program inplace, which is collecting developer mitigation fees. It is true, this progress is often held up by lack of State Funding and Caltrans' ability ot meet our program needs. While this process may not be fast enough for CCAT, it is in place and working. You can find details reports on the Grass Valley and Transportation Commission web sites.

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