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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

California's true believer in church of global warming

U.S. an environmental slacker
By Dianne Feinstein, Dianne Feinstein is California's senior U.S. senator in the LA Times

Polar ice caps are shrinking, glaciers are melting and coastlines are falling away. The culprit? Global warming caused by burning fossil fuels. Unless we take strong action, these conditions will only get worse.

For too long, the Bush administration has led people to believe that this isn't happening, and, if it was, the remedies would only hurt our economy. The administration's inaction on global warming ignores the findings of scientists throughout the world, and could imperil both our nation and the rest of the globe.
Complete article (here.)

Another point of view from the UK.
Bush’s lack of guilt on global warming
By John Kay, the Financial Times July 25 2005

In the recent Group of Eight Gleneagles discussions on climate change, US President George W.?Bush made four assertions: there are large uncertainties about the science and the economics; the Kyoto agreement would involve large costs and negligible benefits for the US; proposals to deal with greenhouse gas emissions that exclude developing countries are ineffective; and that research and development on new technologies should take priority over expenditure for meeting emissions reduction targets. It pains me to say it but on all points Mr Bush is right.
We know that average surface temperatures have been increasing since 1975. We do not know why. We know that human activities have contributed to this increase but not by how much. The size of the human contribution is of indirect significance since the problems that arise from global warming would occur whatever its cause. The size of the anthropogenic component is significant only because if human activity can have a major effect on raising world temperature it can also have a major effect on moderating an increase.
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