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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

And the unintended consequences are?

From a New Scientist Editorial
It was a shock, then, to discover last week that economists are still not convinced that millions of people and companies cutting their electricity consumption will have a positive impact at the national level. Why? Because the world works in peculiar ways. A company that saves on energy, for example, will not necessarily bank the money. It is equally likely to expand and increase its energy use.

Householders' actions also have unexpected effects. Because microwave ovens are more efficient than traditional ovens, you might expect the fad for microwaves to slash national energy bills. Not so. Microwave ovens fuelled the growth of prepared meals and frozen foods, both highly energy-intensive industries.

Yes, and many of the alternative energy schemes simply do not pencil out, as they consume more energy than they produce. It is best to look a the bigger picture when considering alternatives. There is always an unintended consequence!

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