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Monday, June 27, 2005

Time to pick Pentagon's boogie man

Several readers have send me e-mail about China over the weekend. I tend to agree with Thomas P.M. Barnett’s views on the Pentagon these days, it is still stuck in a Cold War mind set. The Pentagon needs a big enemy to justify a big budget , and China has been picked by the military brass as that target. Tom is the author of the Pentagon’s New Map

Tom on Gertz:
I had a China handler in the Office of Secretary of Defense's public affairs office email me last week that I shouldn't believe any of the war talk about China supposedly emanating from the Pentagon, as portrayed in the press.


No, no, nothing to worry about when senior Pentagon people start comparing your state to Nazi Germany. So many similarities, where to begin?

The crazy talk will only get worse as the money gets put on the table in the Quadrennial Defense Review: $1.4 trillion spread over several dozen programs.
Do you think the defense-industrial complex is going to take it lying down? Just giving it all up to the Army and Marines to fight puny wars the Gap over?

No way, Jose. Lotsa money on the line. Need a big demon real bad. Just keep calling them fascist as if the word has meaning in the free-wheeling and incredibly rapacious capitalism that is China.

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