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Friday, June 03, 2005

Social Security to Own, Inherit and Choose

Mary J. Jorgensen is concerned about "Social Security's future," June 3, 2005
Who benefits if we privatize Social Security? Somebody besides us. It is estimated to cost $3 to $8 trillion over the years to privatize it. Put that money in the system.
The people who will benefit are those that volunteer to participate in the program. The advantage of the currently proposed reforms are Ownership, Inheritability and Choice. The money invested in private accounts gives you control over the money, you can choose how to invest, CDs, bonds or mutual funds. When you die your nest egg is transfered to your family, adding to their wealth. And finally, you have a choice to participate, or stay with the existing program. Bottom line: We all benefit with Ownership, Inheritability and Choice!

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