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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Sincere beyond reason

Laura Monroe is worried about Insincere politicians, June 24, 2005
Did he [Nate Beason] and the others run for office because they needed a job or because they wanted to make a difference?
I can assure Ms. Monroe, that Nate Beason, and all the other Supervisors, ran to make a difference. All were successful in other professions, and maintain their day jobs, and still do a fine job as part time Supervisors. We could never pay them enough for all they have to put up with on the dais, over the telephone day and night, the serial e-mails, and just chance encounters on the street.
One can only assume they knew what they were getting into when they ran for office.
Yes, they knew, and would have served without a pay raise. But they would be spending less time working on County issues, and more time working on their day job. Perhaps Ms. Monroe, failed to notice that you cannot buy a home in Nevada County on a Supervisors pay. Supervisors need a day job to live in Nevada County. . .

One final comment. If Ms. Monroe wants the job, she needs to raise the money and run for office. It is harder than the thinks, to be a full time Supervisors on what we pay them.

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