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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Scary growth numbers frisked by a reader

A reader comments on the Sierra Nevada Alliance report designed to scare citizens about growth in Nevada County. (See post below) Some very insightful comments:
The fundamental flaw in the latest scare is the assumption that an additional 40k peeps will have a place to live w/in the next 15 years. The average household in NC is @ 2.2 (actually 2.17). Now unless you assume a phenomenal increase in births over deaths, the pop. growth is the result of new arrivals.

To accommodate 40k, we will have to provide 18k homes in the next 15 years, or @ 1,200 per year. Now assuming that Grass Valley goes completely insane and the SDAs all develop to the limits the developers would like (fat chance of that), that will add somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,600 homes w/in the next 20 years (130 per year), or @1,900 by 2020. That means that we have to find places to build the remaining 16,100. Even Truckee and all its expansion and the county can't accommodate that in the next 30 years, let alone 15.
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