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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Reliance on just one model no better than flipping a coin!

Global Ecology and Biogeography a group of Oxford Scientists have tested the ability of environmental science to predict the futureā€¦ by going back to the past.

They found 16 climate models were not much better than guessing. Combined results produced better results, but still could not reproduce reality.
To avoid further accusations of crystal ball gazing, environmentalists and scientists now need to find further ways of improving the accuracy of models to provide more meaningful inputs into environmental policy making. "If we don't improve our forecasting soon then not only will the climate skeptics find it easy to criticize climate change research, but we will be left making decisions about the future of the planet based on guesswork" says Dr Ladle.
Full report (here).

Remember these are the models that our goverment leaders are using to justify carbon taxes and CO2 emission controls on new cars. They are using junk science to steal money from your wallet. Wake up folks.

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