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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Real cost of Special Election

Bruce Benner writes the GOP should pay up for the Special Election, June 21, 2005
Tony Gilchrease, chairman of the Nevada County Republican Party, has said that spending $80 million on a special election is well worth the cost. An estimated $210,000 of this will be needed in Nevada County alone and will have to come either from reallocation of our tax funds within the county or statewide.
This election is going to cost more than the $44.7 Million estimated by the Sec. of State who oversees elections. While this about half of the $80 Million estimated by opposition, the real cost is a lot higher, yet we will hear few complaints about these increased costs.

Has anyone noticed the Teachers Union is increasing their dues to raise $50 Million to defeat the election. Prison Guards are raising $18 Million and the Democratic Party $15 Million. That is $83 million, about twice what the election will cost. I do not hear the Democrats complaining about these election costs. I wonder why?

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