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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

President Bush on global warming?

I was in the Flour Garden in Glenbrook this afternoon and came upon a customer ranting about the lack of action on global warming by President Bush. The customer, to the tall lanky kid behind the counter, “Bush does’nt even realize global warming exists.” Ignoring the angry customer, I handed the kid my card, with this blog address on the back. “You can find the truth on global warming here,” I said. Taking my coffee I sat down, ignoring the grumbling Bush basher.

Just for the record, from a London Times interview with President Bush today:
THE TIMES: On the other main G8 topic, climate change, do you believe the Earth is in fact getting warmer and, if so, do you believe that it is man who is making it warmer?

PRESIDENT BUSH: I believe that greenhouse gases are creating a problem, a long-term problem that we got to deal with. And step one of dealing with it is to fully understand the nature of the problem so that the solutions that follow make sense.

There’s an interesting confluence now between dependency upon fossil fuels from a national economic security perspective, as well as the consequences of burning fossil fuels for greenhouse gases. And that’s why it’s important for our country to do two things.

One is to diversify away from fossil fuels, which we’re trying to do. I think we’re spending more money than any collection of nations when it comes to not only research and development of new technologies, but of the science of global warming. You know, laid out an initiative for hydrogen fuel cells. We’re doing a lot of work on carbon sequestration. We hope to have zero emissions coal-fired electricity plants available for the United States as well as neighbors and friends and developing nations.

I’m a big believer that the newest generation of nuclear power ought to be a source of energy and we ought to be sharing these technologies with developing countries.
I agree we should not take action until we fully understand the science of global warming, and the best solution. A hydrodgen economy requires cheap nuclear energy for it be come a reality. It appears the President understands the problem.

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