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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Local student roots for Iraq insurgents

Larry S. McGrath writes from the People’s Reubulic of Berkeley about
"Public opinion, the insurgency, and resistance," June 2, 2005
U.S. military forces in Iraq recently announced a new offensive, Operation New Market, aimed at exterminating what is widely known as the Iraqi resistance. These "insurgents" have certainly become a new phenomenon of the American media. Headlines continue to declare that insurgents' attacks remain rampant throughout Iraq's cities.
It is unfortunate McGrath is relying on news reports for his information on Iraq. We are not hearing about the good things that are happening in Iraq. Here is an eye whitness view:
Good things are happening here in Iraq. While the political process moves forward, the enemy has shifted to more eye-catching attacks, and the television film crews are all too happy to oblige them and then broadcast all that is not going well to those back home. I already wrote about the Al-Jazeera television crew that followed the terrorist car bomb cell around Baghdad, but I will focus on the Western media. The traditional media obsession with bad news was apparent to me when I flew home for some R&R last month. I began conversing with a BBC TV personality who happened to be sitting next to me as the C-130 buffeted through the windy skies.
Read the whole e-mail from Major E., the commander of a tank unit in Sadar City (here).

We will post some more comments about the this BS from Berekeley, after the ERC Board Meeting this morning. More reports by troops in on the scene.s

UPDATE: Check out life in Northern Iraq, (here) that the main stream press is not showing.
You can only find it on the blogs.

UPDATE: How about this from the Provisional Iraq President, in the NY Times:
Mr. Jaafari said Iraq's need for outside military assistance, not pre-set deadlines, should determine when American troop withdrawals should start.
"The multinational forces are not occupying forces, they are friendly forces, and they are helping us to establish security, carrying out missions in the interests of the Iraqi people, and under the authority of the government," Dr. Jaafari said. The government, he said, wanted an extension of their mandate "until we have defeated terrorism and restored security across the country."
Full story (here).

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