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Friday, June 03, 2005

Gov sets emission goals, the Dem legislate

Not to be out done by a Republican Governor, the Democratic Legislature moves to create a costly carbon tax.

From the LA Times:
Democratic lawmakers moved a rival proposal that set stronger early targets through an Assembly policy committee Tuesday, and Assemblywoman Fran Pavley (D-Agoura Hills), the author of a landmark state law to curtail greenhouse gases from cars and trucks, announced another bill to reduce the emissions from factories, power plants and other stationary sources.
This carbon tax will increase the cost of doing business in California. Some smarter folks in Maine.

From the Maine New Standard:
The governor of Maine last week signed into law a measure requiring the state’s environmental agency to weigh the economic impact of regulations when instituting and enforcing them, reversing two-year-old legislation that made the state the first in the nation to embrace climate change emissions standards.
The folks in Maine now realize that restrictive regulations have economic impacts. Something our legislators, with all their good intentions have yet to recognize. As business move to Nevada, Idaho, and Arizona, California’s economic growth suffers. See growth forecast (here).

When conducting a survey of Loma Rica Business Park, Larry Burkhardt found one business of 150 employees considering a move to Nevada, another that was moving, and one that had already left. Actions in Sacramento have impacted our local economy. BuB industries is growing, locally, but has moved manufacturing to Wisconsin, with significantly lower workmans compensation costs.

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