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Saturday, June 11, 2005

GLOBAL WARMING UPDATE: Kyoto not working

National Review Online has an interesting editorial (here) on Governor Schwarzenegger’s executive order committing California to the world’s most ambitious program for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions. It is more political window dressing than action, the global case according to the editorial.
In the case of global warming, the emptiness of political gestures is already on display. According to a recent report from the European Environmental Agency, the signatories to the Kyoto Protocol are already blowing past their commitments with wild abandon. The EU, under its current policies, is on track for a 7-percent shortfall in its emission targets by 2010; France is set to have a 9-percent shortfall; in Belgium the shortfall will be 14 percent; and in Demanrk it will pass 36 percent.
Look to me like Kyoto is not working as planned.

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