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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Global Warming Update: Is history wrong?

The Little Ice Age and Medieval Warm Period shows up in the Sargasso Sea climate history, but not the Mann Hockey Stick. The graphic which is driving all that junkscience legislation that will soon be steal money from your wallet. The Little Ice Age and Medieval Warming Period was also found in China and Tibet climate records, yet it does not show up in Mann's Hockey Stick.

Steve Malory, the Junk Man, provides the following analysis:

This leads to a number of possibilities: the simplest, Mann disagrees with a multitude of studies and recorded history - Mann's graph is broken or; Mann is right - history and a wealth of other researchers are wrong or; Mann's method of dealing with proxies is correct - continuation of the proxies show that the "instrument record" is purely an artefact of UHIE. Since options 1 and 3 suggest nothing abnormal and so no problem and option 2 suggests there's only a problem if history is wrong, all we need to do is decide whether Mann is wrong, or history is. Full details (here).

Steve McIntyre, a climate change skeptic, suggests we need a process for auditing climate change studies (here). Until we have an audit process, our legislators should refrain from using junk science to steal our money.

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