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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Economy through the eyes of a Bush hater

Syd M. Hall is worried about "Our floundering economy," June 21, 2005
Bush and company have sent most of these jobs offshore to China and elsewhere (Japan, South America, etc.).
If jobs were sent offshore, it was not the government, it was the stockholders of public companies, demanding a better return on their investment. Note we do not hear much about out sourcing in the national news any more, as an audit found more jobs were created in the US when companies from Germany and Japan opened auto manufacturing plants in the US.
(J)ust wait 'til oil producers recognize how inflated our paper is, and how much better the Chinese equivalent is and gas goes up to $5 per gallon, where it belongs.
Tell me again why China is investing in US Bonds, if their currency is so strong.
And there goes our economy, and our military will be grounded, too, because it is powered by that black stuff that comes out of the ground.
Well, we are not running out of oil, nor will we for another 500 years. In 20 years China will be importing US oil. According to Department of Energy Reports, Global oil shale resources are estimated to be 2.6 trillion barrels, with 2.0 trillion barrels located in the United States. About 1.5 trillion barrels are located in Utah, Wyoming and Colorado. More than a 500+ year supply.
Prime Minister Putin recently acknowledged that Russia made a mistake.
And just what mistake was it that Putin acknowledged, he has made so many?

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