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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Downing Street Memos are fake?

Pat Butler, Editor at the Union, refused to get tangled in Downing Street Memos. It looking like with some good insight. These memos may be as fake as the Rathergate memos. ( I cannot link to Pat's blog, The Union Server is down)
The AP reports that the Sunday Times reporter, Michael Smith, now admits he typed the memos himself and burned the originals in order to protect the identity of the source. Yeah, right.
Details (here). You can decide for yourself. Why retype the memos on an old fashion type writer? This story is beginging to unravel. First Smith claimed he returned the orginals after copying them, then in another interview he claimed to have destroyed the orginals after copying them. His final act was to have the copies transscribed on a typewriter. Why?

Great "piffle" comment (here) by Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds.

UPDATE: John at Power Line thinks the documents are real (here).

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