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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Another view of outsourcing impacts

I have written about the impact outsourcing could have on local manufacturing and sales tax revenue. C.K. PRAHALAD, a hero from my aerospace conceptual design days, writing in the Wall Street Journal thinks that outsourcing produces jobs in The Art of Outsourcing, June 8, 2005; Page A14
“The current outsourcing phenomenon is the start of a new pattern of innovation in the way we manage. The ability to fragment complex management processes and reintegrate them into the whole is a new capability. It allows us, in the short term, to take advantage of the talent outside the U.S. In the longer term, it allows us to cope creatively with the emerging labor shortage caused by an aging population in developed markets. The time to learn to manage with a global system of knowledge, products, services and component vendors is now. We should celebrate the process that imports competitiveness and creates new jobs.”
To take advantage of this creativity requires, highly reliable telecommunications resources. Telecommunications resources not available in many parts of Nevada County. We all need to think about how local companies are going to compete in this new global competition for talent, if we do not have the required telecommunications infrastructure.

Full article is online (here).

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