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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Public offical blogging

Brittany Retherford writes "Spencer issues public apology," May 25, 2005
John Spencer, Grass Valley’s representative to the Nevada County Board of Supervisors, also attended the Grass Valley City Council meeting Tuesday night. He spoke during public comment, issuing an apology to Councilman Dean Williams for comments made on The Union’s editor’s blog about the City Council participating in team-building sessions.
Williams responded by saying “we are all pretty much learning as we go along, I don't think it is a big deal as long as your intentions are good.” He added, “I hope you keep blogging and I recognize that your political values and priorities are reflected in a significant part of the population.”
John claims he will not be doing any more blogging, thinking that public servants should be held to a higher standard. I feel partly responsible, for John’s problem. When The Union announced their Blog, I encouraged all our public officials to monitor the blog and participate. John immediatly took up the challenge. However, one of the rules of blogging is to lurk for a while and see what the tone of the discussion is before jumping in.

John, please return to the conversation and contribute your insight to public issues when you are ready. All the commentors on the blog appreciated your openness and welcome your contributions.

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