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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Peak Oil Report

We have been looking for a report on the Town Hall Institute Peak Oil discussion. The folks over at Yubanet have a report by THI. It is another Y2K scare if you ask me.
Once the world demand for oil surpasses its supply, the economy, and everything vital to our survival, will shut down. Economic collapse is inevitable unless serious preventative and alternative measures are taken immediately on a local and nationwide level.
Remember this Y2K mata from 1999, economic collapse is inevitable unless. . .

It costs $6.00 a barrel to get oil out of the ground now. It costs $18.00 to extract oil from tar sands or oil shale. Expect the price of oil to go up, as we switch to this new source, but we will not have to take the drastic measures proposed by the folks at THI. We have a over a trillion barrels of tar sands and shale oil, a 500 year supply at the current use rate. I think in 500 years we can come up with clean nuclear based energy for our vehicles.

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