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Monday, May 23, 2005

Lampheir on the way out?

Brittany Retherford ponders is "Terry Lamphier's future uncertain," May 23, 2005
Terry Lamphier predicted he might end up being the shortest term planning commissioner in the history of Grass Valley in an "Other Voices" column that appeared more than two months ago in The Union.

And on Tuesday, this prediction might come true.
Though I rarely agree with Mr. Lamphere, I found his Other Voices instructive. They were a window on his thinking on the Planning Commission. His no growth mantra was in full view. That is transparency we do not often get unless we go to the Planning Commission meetings. However, the City Council wants a team player on the Commission. Someone who is not rocking the boat, while they were trying to steer a reasonable course to economic growth.

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