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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Lack of Peak Oil interest troubles former Mayor

Former Mayor Linda Stevens, sees an "Opportunity lost," May 29, 2005
I recently attended the first annual Town Hall Conference at the Veteran's Hall in Grass Valley, where 200 community members participated. Though I know it was one of the first beautiful days we had received after a long spell of rain, the Veterans Hall should have been packed with 1,000 people. Are our community and our leaders going to continue to stick their heads in the sand in denial over the coming energy crisis known as Peak Oil?
First it was Y2K, then global warming, now it is peak oil. Why do we have to live under an impending crisis? An what can 200 people do about solving the imagined oil crisis. What about a 1,000. The world did not come to an end with Y2K, the data does not support global warming, and even the Kyoto proponents admit it would kill economic growth, all the while not changing global warming by one millionth of a degree.

Now we have the same Y2K and Global Warming crowd trying to get us all cranked up about an energy crisis that does not exist. More (here) and (here).

Has anyone noted that the real goal of this crowd is to slow or reverse economic growth?

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