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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Forbes on Leaving California

Rich Karlgaard, Forbes Publisher has some interesting thoughts on why people should leave L.A.. But, where should they go?
One-third of Los Angeles residents now tell pollsters they are sick of their city. The percentage of L.A. malcontents has doubled in only two years, according to polls cited by Anne Taylor Fleming, a local essayist. Of course, one learns to take any poll analysis with a grain of salt. But my gut tells me this one has it right. The radio talk shows in L.A. these days yap constantly about the prices of houses, car commutes that never end and the breakdown of public services. What religion is to contemporary U.S. national politics--a bitter and hardening divide--illegal immigration is to California politics. Los Angeles has become the Fallujah of this ideological war zone.
Full story (here)

Could Nevada County be a destination for these LA malcontents. The only destination mentioned in the article is ” . . . in pricey California you can find bargains in the Red Counties in the foothills west of Merced, the newest University of California branch.“ Why not Red Nevada County? Do we really need more L.A. refugees ?

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