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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A closer look at the travel details

Mark Selverston is morally offended in "Doolittle's support for DeLay makes me mad," May 31, 2005
DeLay certainly has a lot of baggage; he sold DDT as pesticide, for goodness sakes.
Gosh, was this before or after it was illegal to sell in the US. It is still sold and used around the world.
But what really gets me mad is that DeLay blocked laws that would require businesses operating in the Mariana Islands in the South Pacific, a U.S. territory, to follow the same laws that apply in the U.S. This seemed reasonable to me, given that those same businesses wanted to tag their products with "Made in the U.S." labels.
Business have been, and continue to be fined for violating US labor and safety laws according to on line newspaper reports from the region. The issue mentioned above relates to businesses paying the US minimum wage, when the prevailing wages in the region were about $3.00 an hour. Forcing business to pay US minimum wage, would make the Mariana Islands business noncompetitive in the region. The US taxpayers would then have to pay a lot of welfare, once the economy collapsed. Humm. Maybe, Mr. Delay did the right thing?

I wonder, how the other 198 previously unreported special interest trips by 43 House members and their aides, including eight years of unreported travel by the second-ranking Democrat, House Minority Whip Steny Hoye, impacts on Mr. Selverston’s sense of morality?
To these trips make him mad? Or is it just Mr Delay's trips?

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