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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Affordable Family Formation

San Francisco has one of the lowest child populations in the state, if not the nation. They have the highest cost of housing. In Nevada County we have a declining population of children and rapidly rising home prices. A regular blog reader sent me a link to an interesting analysis of the last presidential election by Steve Sailor. He found a strong correlation, between states that Bush won and states with economical housing and decent public schools. Details (here). Those regions with poor schools and high housing prices voted for Kerry.

In an Other Voices last year, a radical liberal writers claimed that liberals would soon be the majority in Nevada County. We will soon be a blue county he predicted. If Steve Sailor is right, as the price of housing climbs our community becomes less family friendly. Nevada County may soon reach a point where it is no longer conducive to affordable family formation. We may go from being a conservative red county to a liberal blue county.

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