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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Wireless Travel

Dateline Bakersfield CA, Palms RV Park, 13 April 2005.

The RV park advertized Found the signal on my Mac, went through the directions, including entering my credit card. Cost $2.50 for 24 hours. Not bad price. But, I could not get logged in. Typed in the sign up info twice, but could not connect. Called Tech Support, and got a voice mail. I guess the system is not Mac compatable and tech support is out to dinner. Call tech support this morning, another voice mail.

Dateline Palm Springs CA, Starbucks, 14 April 2005

We have arrived and found the Starbucks, with a wifi connection two blocks from the RV Park. Stopped at a Flying J Truck Stop, but could not get connected. I will post again tomarrow, I see Jim Hurley has a global warming Other Voices, I will read and review tonight.

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