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Thursday, April 07, 2005

A viewpoint worth considering

Union Editorial Board writes, Parental-consent debate leaves families out, April 7, 2005
The question: Should the area's high school district continue allowing students to leave campus for confidential medical appointments without parental notification?

It's a question that forces us to confront some weighty issues - student privacy, parental rights, venereal disease, familial trust, the threat of child abuse and teen pregnancy, just to name a few.

But from the beginning, there have been political overtones that hovered on the verge of hijacking what could be a healthy local debate.
It's OK to support student privacy without feeling you're launching an assault on the American family. It's OK to argue for parental notification without signing up for the Ann Coulter fan club.

When (or if) this debate comes to fruition before the Nevada Joint Union High School board, don't be ashamed to make your feelings known. We've heard from the vocal extremes. Now, it's time to hear from everyone between.
Read the whole editorial here.

UPDATE: A reader writes:
"With all due respect to The Union…….82% of Nevada County agrees with CRI……I don’t think we are extreme. The numbers for NC and GV are even higher if you leave the Truckee numbers out of the survey."
I have to agree. Where is the middle, if 82 percent of citizens agree that parent concent is required?

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