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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Uninformed planning commissioner

Terry Lamphier suggests we Are we gambling on growth?, April 30, 2005

Mr. Lamphier is a member of the Grass Valley's planning commission, but the statement below indicates he is not well informed on local transportation mitigation fees programs.
Unfortunately, developers are not required to mitigate indirect effects and have no legal responsibility to fix, for example, the growing number of failing intersections. Any improvements are paid for by the government - you and me. How to pay for it? More tax revenue. From where? More new businesses. Leading to? More traffic.
Grass Valley, Nevada City and County have a regional transportation mitigation fee program. Contractors pay fees to mitigate the impact of new growth on roads and intersections, under this program.

The Regional Transportation Mitigation Fee (RTMF) Program is constantly under review and is currently being updated by the NCTC Technical Advisory Committee, which is working with the Nevada County Contractor’s Association and other organizations on issues. Timing and funding for projects have been key issues for the Contractors. They have been paying money for years, yet few improvement have been made, giving the impression that development is causing traffic problems. The problem is the lack of action to complete the projects funded under the fee program.

The proposed RTMF update will be included on the Transportation Commissions May agenda. Maybe Mr. Lamphere should put this meeting on his calendar, and become better informed on the development mitigation fee program and the real problem.

The RTMF program has collected fees for five years, now the Contractors want to know where are the improvements!

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