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Friday, April 22, 2005

Some thoughts on NCTV

Ron Lowe, wants you to Support our local NCTV, April 22, 2005

However, Mr Lowe has a problem with some of the details.
Comcast has a monopoly of cable TV throughout the area and thus is mandated by federal law to pay to the county 5 percent of gross revenue - i.e. $300,000 a year. Comcast is not doing it. When are these slackers going to step up to the plate and take care of business?
Bill Tozer has done some research and writes:
The Cable Act does NOT manadate that the cable operators pay the Franchise Authorties 5% of gross revenues: rather, it CAPS the amount at 5%. I found many examples of current Franchise agreements from the South to the Midwest to California that payed less than 5%, and most of them were major cities.
In the same letter Bill is worried about the growing discourd fanned by NCTV.
This Comcast vs Dr. McAteer thing really got under my skin. I have an aquaintance who was attending the Audio/Vidoe Production class at Sierra College who came over slammig the evil Comcast. He showed me a DVD that Terry McAteer made for press and class that was so spiteful and so ill-tempered at the end that I became alarmed. The class project was to make an anti-Comcast spot. (Revised)
Mr Lowe calls Comcast "slackers" I hope this is not an extension of Dr. McAteer's anti-Comcast campaign.

UPDATE: Bill makes an important point in another e-mail. All fees are paid to the Cities and County, they decide how much to send to NCTV. Dr. McAteer may want to look to government for his operating budget, not Comcast.

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