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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Some disturbing news over at Yubanet.

Lockyer Issues Statement on Lawsuit Challenging Bush Administration Refusal to Regulate Global Warming Pollution
By: Office of the AG
Published: Sat, 9 Apr 2005

Attorney General Bill Lockyer today issued the following statement regarding oral arguments in the court challenge of the Bush Administration's decision to not regulate vehicle greenhouse gas emissions that pollute the air and contribute to global warming.

"The U.S. EPA's decision that it has no authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions, and that these emissions technically don't even count as air pollutants, is wrong, disturbing and dangerous to Californians' health, environment and economy.
Well, I agree with the EPA, CO2 is not an air pollutant. I exhale CO2. You exhale CO2. CO2 can not be an air pollutant. If it is we are all guilty of air pollution.

Now, lets look at what the CARB says about automotive greenhouse gases, mainly CO2 that makes up less than one percent of greenhouse gasses:
A CARB Fact Sheet, December 2004, points out the new green house gas regulations “will not wholly mitigate the potential consequences of climate change in California.”
Lets look at the science of CO2 over over the last 400,000 years, taken from ices cores, mostly without SUV’s spewing CO2. Note that warming precedes CO2 by 400 to 600 years. If warming precedes CO2 how can it be the cause? See discussion here.

It is time for Attorney General Bill Lockyer wake up and recheck the science behind global warming. He is being made fool by the environmentalists, who have adopted global warming as a religion.

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